TKC Awards

Race-Day Awards:  At the conclusion of each race day, trophies or other equivalent awards are presented to the top 5 finishers in each class, where the number of racers in the class exceeds 8 drivers.  In classes that have 8 or fewer drivers, trophies or awards are presented to the top 3 finishers.

Points are awarded as per the Points Finishing Chart (see link below).  To be considered a race starter and earn points, the driver must cross the start line and take the green flag.  TKC does not issue DNF (did not finish); all karts who have taken the green flag will have the opportunity to earn points with respect to how they placed in relation to other drivers in the class.

Year-End Awards: 
Trophies and other prizes (such prizes to be determined on an annual basis by the Board of Directors), are presented to drivers who have competed in a minimum of 10* points events during the year.  Year-end finishing position is determined by the total number of points earned during the year, after the lowest two events are dropped.   For more information on points and awards, see the Points Finishing Chart and Awards document (Competition Rule Supplement -- Appendix B).

Special Awards:  Recipients must have participated in a minimum of 10* points events for the year, and only classes that have an average of 6 or more drivers per race will qualify for special awards.  Recipients must be members in good standing of Toronto Kart Club in order to be eligible for the Special Awards.

  • "Rookie of the Year" is awarded to one Junior and one Senior driver who have never participated in any outdoor karting club or league race prior to the current year.  It is based on the final finishing position for the year, in relation to the number of participants in his or her class.
  • "Most Improved Driver" is awarded to a driver who has shown the most improvement in average finishing position, when comparing the races at the end of the season to the races at the beginning of the season.  This is done by a pre-determined mathematical formula.
  • "Driver of the Year" is given to the Junior driver and Senior driver who have earned the highest average points per race (total points divided by number of races completed).
  • "Volunteer of the Year" is an award given to a family or individual who has volunteered throughout the year in various capacities, and contributed to the Club above and beyond what would normally be expected.

PEER Awards:  The final three awards (Mechanic, Junior Sportsman, and Senior Sportsman) are based on votes submitted by members (drivers) of Toronto Kart Club.  Ballots are usually distributed to drivers near the end of the racing season, and each driver may vote only once.
  • "Mechanic of the Year" is somebody who has demonstrated outstanding ability, ingenuity, hard work, and helps others on a regular basis.  Professional engine builders, paid mechanics, and/or kart dealers are not eligible for this award.
  • "Sportsman of the Year" is awarded to one Junior and one Senior driver.  A sportsman is defined as someone who is always a good sport both on and off the track, engages in fair play and willingly follows the rules, and supports and respects his/her fellow competitors, regardless of the race results.


  • * subject to change from year to year, depending on the total number of points events offered in any particular year.
       See Competition Rule Supplement -- Appendix B (Points Finishing Chart and Awards) for the current racing year for
       number of points events required to qualify for year-end awards.

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