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Beginners Guide to Go Kart Racing

If you've never been to a kart race, chances are it's not at all what you think it is. Words can simply not describe the sounds, the speeds, the action. Seeing is believing!
Toronto kart Club has a long history of providing entry level motorsports in the form of go kart racing. Many famous drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton all got their start racing go karts early in their careers. Toronto Kart Club is run completely by volunteers with a passion for grass roots motorsports. Our senior members are eager to teach new members and offer help to get them quickly on their way. Our goal is to make each and every event safe, fun and fair for everyone!

Follow our 3 part process to get started now.

  • Join Toronto Kart Club

  • Getting a Go Kart

  • Preparing The Driver

Join Toronto Kart Club

One of the first things to do if your serious about racing is to join the club where you intend to race. The reason this is so important is that your club will have a number of classes that are normally divided by driver age and engine type (and to some degree driver and kart weight). Not all clubs may have the same rules although many are the same or similar. This is important when selecting the right kart based on the class you intend to race in. Your kart club is also your first source of information.Some of the benefits of joining The Toronto kart Club are:

  • Obtaining an interclub racing license
  • Access to technical information such as chassis set up, engine tuning, go kart alignment, tire management
  • Support and comradery among other members when participating in events
  • Participation in a season long championship battle

Our "Race at TKC" page has all the information you need to obtain your Toronto Kart Club membership and qualify for your Kart racing License.

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