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Becoming a TKC racer

Registration consists of 3 parts.

  • Membership registration.
  • Medical information.
  • A waiver or parental consent.

Download the documents applicable to you from each of the three sections and print them off or print them right from the browsers window. Once you get them filled out send them to:

Toronto Kart Club
320 Newkirk Road
Richmond Hill On.,
L4C 3G7

If you have any questions go ahead and email us at admin@torontokartclub.com and we'll be happy to help !


All drivers fill out this application

Driver Membership


All Drivers Select a Medical Form

For rookie, new TKC drivers and drivers over the age of 50

Driver Medical

For returning members under the age of 50.

Medical self declaration.

Waiver (driver 18 or over)

Annual Release and Waiver for Adult Drivers
ASN Waiver for Adult Drivers

Parental Consent (driver under age of 18)

Annual Parental Consent and Waiver

Tires and Fuel

To keep things fair. Almost every club uses a particular tire for all the competitors. We call this a (spec.) tire.
The tire we use is made by Vega and refered to as Vega Blues.
The sizes are as follows.

Front 4.50 / 10-5
Rear 6.00 / 11-5
Note:Rookie drivers with their karts marked with an 'X' may use any brand of used tire.

Once in a while it rains but we race anyway. For these occasions we have rain tires. This is our spec. tire for rain.

Vega or MG tires type with size.
Front 4.20 / 10-5
Rear 6.00 / 11-5

From time to time we do make some exceptions for rain tires, contact us regarding specific details.


We require our competitors to purchase their racing gas from a designated gas station. Your fuel may be tested during the day and compared to a sample from the designated gas station. This is to prevent people from using unauthorized additives in the fuel. The gas station for each race can be found on our home page listed next to the current event.

Rules and Regulations

All TKC members are required to have a copy of the current seasons RuleBook, and present the RuleBook at registration for each event. Complete RuleBooks may be purchased from the Club, or members may print their own books by downloading and printing all of the sections shown below.
RuleBooks from previous years will not be accepted.


Classes are divided into groups based on age and engine type. Each class has a minimum weight requirement.
Here is a list of the classes and weights Class and Weight Rules

Championship Points

Championship points are awarded each race to determine the season champion in each class.
You can see the point structure here Points Finishing Chart and Awards


These are the rules that you must bring to each race. Print them off and keep them in a binder, you'll be asked for them when you sign in on race day.

Technical Inspection

On race day all competitors are required to submit a technical evaluation form which confirms that key safety equipment has been checked and complies with the rules. Download and print off this form and bring one to every race.
Pre-Race Technical & Safety Inspection Form

Extra Reading

This is some extra reading for you. Gear ratios play an important part in going fast so here is a primer to get you started.
In case you were wondering about the awards, you can also read how we do that.